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An Important Way to Step Up Your Online Security Game

In one of my previous posts I discussed cloud services and some steps you can take to help remain secure while online. The goal of today's discussion is to select and emphasize one particular step: two-factor authentication.

Whoa, "two-factor authentication" sounds like too much for you to handle? Don't run away just yet. Two-factor authentication, hereafter referred to in this post as "2FA", is a simple concept. First observe the list of "authentication factors" below.
Something you knowSomething you haveSomething you are We are used to authenticating ourselves with one thing - a password. Passwords are (usually) memorized and therefore are considered something we know. The downside to this approach of using a single factor is that anyone who can guess what you know can pretend to be you.
What if instead of just a password, you had to prove that you are in possession of something or that you are physically who you say you are? Many online service…