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Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Information

Step One Passwords.
Few people like them. Many people despise them. When it comes to securing your information, however, choosing good passwords for your online accounts is the most important step. Read what Microsoft has to say about the importance of strong passwords.
Where many people struggle with this is memorization of passwords; they often fall prey to laziness and use the same password (or slight variations) across all of their accounts. Password reuse makes cybercriminals' mouths water - the more people who reuse passwords on different accounts, the easier their jobs become.
Passwords don't have to be memorized, just accessible.
You read that right - you no longer need to memorize all of your passwords. All you need is something to hold all of your passwords in one place: a password vault.
Several password vault companies exist to help you secure your passwords. Personally I opted for LastPass, and since they recently made multi-device sync free for use, it's eve…